About Rabbit Hole Stories

First of all, thanks for being on our podcast website. You have similar interests and want to know more about Bitcoin. Great! We love to talk about Bitcoin and are eager to understand how people got into this space.

But who are we?

Our names are Joël and Ian. We both currently live in London and have different backgrounds. We met each other at a Bitcoin meetup in London in August 2022. We immediately hit it off and were quickly meeting regularly, either at the same meetup or Bitcoin events

What does Bitcoin mean to us?

Everyone on planet earth has different reasons for falling down the rabbit hole. Some look at it as a monetary solution. Others love Bitcoin because it’s a human rights tool.

We’re not different. To both of us, Bitcoin is freedom. For Joël, it’s a free and open speech tool. He’s encouraging everyone to look at what Bitcoin is doing in heavily censored regions. For Ian, it’s a philosophical tool. One that is not only questioning the current monetary system but most of our moral principles as well.

There might be times when we’re not in agreement about specific topics. However, we can safely say that we don’t see Bitcoin as the following:
  • A political ideology.
  • A tool to undermine speech.
  • A weird flex to showcase wealth.

We’ll definitely have guests with very strong opinions and ideas about these topics. After all, Bitcoin is for everyone. So if you want to challenge yourself or listen to people from different perspectives, we’re definitely the podcast for you!

What's the goal of this podcast?

It was in September 2022 when we sat together and talked about the Bitcoin culture.

We quickly agreed on what we liked about the Bitcoin community. We found out we listen to the same podcasts or follow many of the same people. However, we quickly realized how many echo chambers there were in the space.

There are a lot of similar viewpoints that are shared over and over again. But as soon as someone challenges that viewpoint, they either get shut down or blocked.

Which is against what Bitcoin represents. It doesn’t care, it’s apolitical, and it accepts every individual on its network as long as they play by the consensus rules.

We want every possible opinion, representative, and person on our podcast. Discuss why they fell down the rabbit hole and what motivates them to keep going.

Get in touch!

You’re more than welcome if you want to be on the show. We also accept Bitcoin-critical people! Send us an email to show@rabbitholestories.co.

We’re also on Twitter and plan to publish long-form content soon!
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